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If you’re like most of the writers I talk to, you want to become a bestselling writer.

You have a great book idea, maybe many great book ideas.

You have this feeling deep in your gut that your book will be amazing. 

People have even told you, “You need to write a book!”


And yet, life just keeps getting in the way.

The obstacles to writing often look like normal life problems, right? Like spending time with friends or family, starting a new job, moving, or needing to focus on other projects.

But on top of that, it doesn't help that writing can be incredibly hard. You run into problems like:

  • Lack of imagination
  • Fear (Can we admit that?)
  • Perfectionism
  • Not knowing what comes next
All of these combine into writing quickly becoming not fun. Maybe you've tried to write a book several times in the past and only gotten 50 or so pages in before abandoning the process. Maybe you're in the middle of your book and you don't want to fail like you have in the past.

You always believed you would someday write a book, but you can't help but worry:

"What if I never finish my book? What if I die never having accomplished my dream?"

I know how hard it is to write a book because I've been there.

My name is Joe Bunting, and I've written nine books. I've also trained thousands of people on how to write books of their own.

But writing didn't come to me naturally. In fact, I have always struggled to write. In high school, I decided I wanted to become a professional writer, but I couldn't even finish one chapter of a book.

In college, I even studied creative writing, but that just made it harder since I knew how bad my own writing was compared to the writers I loved.

After college, I worked as a journalist and then traveled the world to write, but every time I tried to write a book, I failed miserably.

It went on like this for years.

Then something happened: I learned the process.

As luck would have it, I met a New York Times bestselling author who agreed to teach me to write a book. Then my book was edited by someone who is now a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

After that first book, I wrote six more books. But if I hadn't first learned the process, I would still be stuck today.

If you think you can learn the process and write a book it on your own, you're destined to continue to fail at writing your book.

But once you've learned the right process, you can finally experience what it's like to finish writing your book. (It's an amazing experience. Trust me.)

Now I want to teach you that process.


A Proven Process to FINISH Writing Your Best Book

100 Day Book is an online program that will guide you through the book writing process. At the end of the 100-day program, you will have a finished book, and you will have internalized a process you can use again and again to write books in the future.
• Write more, faster
• Structure your novel, memoir, or nonfiction book
• Capture your readers’ imaginations through World Building
• Create unique, memorable characters
• Write realistic dialogue
• Use Point of View correctly
• Find your personal writing voice
• Keep writing even when it gets hard
• Defeat writer’s block
• Get feedback on what's working and what's not
• Edit your book like a pro
• Turn your first draft into a final draft
• And much more

Ready to get started?

Click below to sign up or keep reading to learn more about the program

*Already finished your first draft? Introducing 100 Day Book: Draft 2

What if you’ve already written your first draft? Can the 100 Day Book program help you?
Your next step is to edit your book. And we’ve built 100 Day Book: Draft 2 to help you do just that.
In Draft 2, we’ve taken the proven 100 Day Book process and transformed it to walk you through the process of editing your book. You’ll have community, accountability, and deadlines just like the original 100 Day Book program.
Plus, you’ll get all-new content to teach you how to edit your book. How do you know what’s working and what’s not? How do you revise an entire manuscript without getting overwhelmed?
Whether you’ve already written your book with us in 100 days, or whether you finished your first draft on your own, this program is the perfect next step.
How do you sign up for 100 Day Book: Draft 2? Just enroll in the course and afterward, you’ll get an email asking whether you’re working on your first or second draft!

What’s in the 100 Day Book Program?

When you join the 100 Day Book Program, you get a proven process to write a book. But that’s just the beginning.

  • 100 of the Best Book Writing Lessons

    If you're like me, you don't want to write just any book. You want to write a great book, right? More than 100 daily lessons—in all the ways you learn best, including hours of video, audio, and written content—will teach you everything you need to know to write a great book.

  • Your Personal Book Mentor

    If you want to finish a book, it helps to have deadlines. But deadlines don’t work if you don’t have someone to hold you accountable. We will pair you up with a book mentor, an author who knows the process of writing a book. They will track your progress and check in with you weekly to see what’s going well with your book and what isn’t. Wherever you’re struggling with the writing process, they’ll problem solve with you and get you back on track.

  • Peer Critique On Your Writing

    If you want to write an amazing book, you need encouraging feedback at critical points in your writing process. You’ll have to opportunity to share your writing within our community so you can get valuable feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

  • $100 Incentive

    If you make all of your deadlines and finish your book in 100 days, we’ll give you $100. Don’t finish? That $100 goes away. Pretty great incentive to finish a book, right?

Ready to start and actually finish your book?

Enroll in the next semester below!

The 100 Day Book Program also includes these exclusive expert guides and resources to boost your writing process:

Write Like the Pros Interviews

We know everyone has a unique writing process that works best for them, so you’ll also get access to an interview series with professional authors—like Jeff Goins, Tim Grahl, and more—where you'll learn their process, their best tips and tricks to stay focused and finish their books.

Book Writing Checklist

Don't miss a step with this ultimate to-do list for your book writing process. This covers everything from setting a writing schedule to creating deadlines to structuring your book and finding your unique voice. A must-have for aspiring writers.

Book Writing Master Guide

This 150-page workbook will show you every step in the process to write a great book, from the very beginnings of an idea, to a solid writing plan, to your first page, to a final draft. You will feel more prepared than ever to become a writer.

Book Planning Workbook

Writing a book is like going to battle. Don’t do it unprepared. This will walk you through the process of creating a personalized battle plan for your book. We’ve found that people who have a book plan are 52 percent more likely to finish their books!

Classic Story Archetypes

Writing and storytelling has been around for thousands of years. Your goal shouldn’t be to write something new. Your goal should be to transform something universal into something that speaks to, inspires, awes, and entertains the people you’re writing to. This short guide will help you borrow from the past so you can write something fresh.

That includes everything you need to write your book. BUT what about AFTER you finish your book? These bonuses, available at various package levels, will help you write, edit, and publish your BEST book:

  • Peer Feedback on Your Finished Book AFTER the 100 Days

    What if your book isn’t ready for publication? After all, 100 days is long enough to write a first draft, but it’s unlikely your book will be ready to send to a publisher at the end. That’s why you’ll get 1-year bonus access to our premium workshopping community, The Write Practice Pro, where you’ll be able to get feedback on everything from whether the structure of your book is working to misplaced commas.

  • Pro Editing with a Certified Editor

    To make your book as good as it can be, it’s essential to work with a professional editor. But how do you find the right one? We will pair you with a Story Grid certified editor, and if you choose this upgrade, after you finish your book, you’ll get a full diagnostic on exactly what’s working and what needs to be fixed to get your book ready for publication.

Ready for your second draft? 100 Day Book: Draft 2 includes everything in the original 100 Day Book program, plus these new resources:

85 NEW Book Editing Lessons

How do you actually edit a book? These daily lessons will walk you through the process of editing from start to finish. You’ll have access to 15 fundamental writing lessons from the original 100 Day Book course, plus 85 new lessons focused specifically on the editing process.

Editing Checklist

One of the most difficult parts of the editing process is figuring out when your book is DONE. When can you stop editing, and how can you tell you’ve written a great book? This editing checklist will show you the essential elements great books share, and help you figure out when your book is ready to publish.


Each lesson breaks down a technique, a piece of the writing process, or a common pain point. After going through each lesson (or choosing the lessons that matter most to you), you’ll be able to write with confidence—on both your current and future books.

  • 1

    Welcome to 100 Day Book!

    • Your Syllabus

  • 2

    Week 0: Before the Course Begins

    • How to Create a Book Plan

    • Your Word Count Goal

    • 4 Key Reasons Planning a Novel Speeds Up Your Writing Process

    • Writing a Book Outline: 5 Essential Sections That Build a Solid Story

  • 3

    Your First Chapter

    • Why We're Here

    • First Chapter Checklist

    • FIRST DRAFT: What Should Be Included in Your First Draft?

    • EDITING: How to Revise a Novel: A Revision List to Edit With Confidence

    • MEMOIRISTS: Are Memoirs Nonfiction: Important Rules of Memoir Writing

  • 4


    • Be a More Productive Writer

    • 5 Productivity Tools

    • Scene Outline: How to Write Faster by Developing a List of Scenes

    • Plotter vs. Pantser: When to Plot, When to Pants, and When to Combine Them

    • Writing Success: 3 Easy Steps to Develop Your Writing System

    • 10 Writing Hacks to Actually Finish Your Book

    • EDITING: How to Survive the Second Draft of Your Book

  • 5


    • FICTION/MEMOIR: Structure

    • FICTION/MEMOIR: Story Arcs: Definitions and Examples of the 6 Shapes of Stories

    • FICTION/MEMOIR: The 10 Types of Stories and How to Master Them

    • NONFICTION: Introduction

    • NONFICTION: How I Learned How to Write Nonfiction Books

    • NONFICTION: What's the Difference: Novels and Memoir vs. Nonfiction

    • NONFICTION: Where to Start With Nonfiction Structure: Book Proposals

    • NONFICTION: Building Blocks of Nonfiction Structure

    • NONFICTION: 5 Types of Nonfiction Books

    • NONFICTION: How to Structure Nonfiction Chapters: 6 Most Common Structures


  • 6


    • Introduction to Characterization

    • What Is Characterization?

    • The Strongest Form of Characterization

    • The Weakest Form of Characterization

    • Heroes

    • Villains

    • What’s Characterization? What a Writer Really Needs to Know

  • 7

    World Building

    • Introduction to World Building

    • World Building Tip: Craft Your Story Setting

  • 8

    Point of View

    • Introduction to Point of View

    • Point of View Definition

    • The 4 Types of Point of View

    • Don’t Make This Point of View Mistake

    • First Person Point of View

    • Second Person Point of View

    • Third Person Point of View

    • Which Point of View Will You Use?

  • 9


    • Stories are Made of Conflict

    • 6 Ways to Create Conflict and Get Your Protagonist in Trouble

  • 10


    • Introduction to Dialogue

    • Focus On WHY, Not Just on WHAT Your Characters Are Saying

    • What Is a Dialogue Tag?

    • How Often Should You Use Dialogue Tags?

    • A Critical DON’T For Writing Dialogue

    • Dialogue Tags: What Are They and How To Use Them

    • Realistic Dialogue: 16 Observations Writers Should Know About Real Life Talk

  • 11

    Show, Don't Tell

    • When to Show/When to Tell

  • 12


    • Developing Voice

  • 13

    When the Writing Gets Hard

    • Writing is hard. So what?

    • Ending of Stories: How Planning an Ending Will Help You Write Faster

  • 14


    • Introduction to Writing Style

  • 15

    The Final Push

    • 5 Steps to Finishing Your Book by Your Deadline

    • Deadlines for Writers: 3 Easy Steps to Try as Your Deadline Looms

  • 16


    • Learning to Deal With Feedback

    • How to Apply Writing Feedback (And How to Know What You Can Ignore)

    • How to Edit a Novel: The Foolproof 9-Step Book Editing Process

    • Writing Feedback: Why You Should Stop Asking If Your Story Is Good

  • 17

    Day 100: Turn In Your Manuscript

    • Tell us about your book (Fall 2022)

    • Submit Your Manuscript (Fall 2022)

  • 18

    After 100 Day Book

    • After 100 Day Book: Resources and Next Steps

    • What Is Developmental Editing? The Writer’s Guide to Developmental Editing

    • The Ultimate Guide to Beta Readers

  • 19

    Write Like the Pros Interview Series

    • About This Series

    • Meghan Tschanz

    • Callie Sutcliffe

    • Ruthanne Reid

    • Jeff Goins

    • Tim Grahl

    • S.J. Henderson

    • Jeff Shinabarger

    • Jeff Elkins

    • Paul Willis

  • 20


    • Bonuses

Why 100 Days?

You might think, no one can write a book in 100 days. And certainly not a good book.

You might even feel like a program like this is just a quick fix. Writing a book should take longer. It's about the experience!

But let me ask you this: When was the last time you spent 100 days completely focused on your writing?

This level of focus can be life-changing. You'll write more than you ever have (plenty for a book). Best of all, you'll feel creatively invigorated and alive.

This is why Stephen King said:

The first draft of a book—even a long one—should take no more than three months, the length of a season.

Writing a book in a short period of time like this gives an energy and focus to your writing.

That's why we believe that 100 days is the perfect length of time to write the first draft of your book.

Yes, your book will need more work afterward, so we'll walk you through the editing process, too.

However, after 100 days, you will have accomplished the most important part: You will have written a book! And that's something to be very proud of.

Basic Package

  • Daily Lessons: Each day, you’ll get an email with encouragement, writing prompts, quotes from great writers, and video lessons to help you get fresh ideas on how to finish your book and make it as good as it can possibly be.

  • Weekly Deadlines: Every Friday, you will turn in one chapter of your book, giving you a practical structure to finish your book over the course of the program.

  • Incentive: If you meet all your deadlines and finish your book, we will give you $100!

  • Accountability: Each week, we will check-in with you to see if you met your weekly deadline. If you miss a week, we will send you a warning. If you miss 3 weeks, you will miss out on the $100 incentive!

  • Feedback: You’ll get a year’s worth of access to The Write Practice Pro, our writing community, where you can workshop one chapter per week for the next 12 months.

Premium Package

  • Everything in the Basic Package

  • Office Hours with Joe Bunting: Every week, you’ll meet with Joe Bunting and an exclusive group of up to 20 writers for live video chat office hours. Joe will answer your specific writing questions, and you’ll connect with other writers.
    This exclusive package is by application only, and will be capped at just 20 writers.

Professional Editing Critique on First Pages Submission

As a shopping cart add-on, you can also get:

  • Professional Critique on your Book Plan + First Word Count Submission: Getting the first pages of your book right is SO important, especially as you write the rest of your book. That’s why we highly recommend opting into professional feedback on your book plan and your first week of writing. With this upgrade, we’ll team you up with one of the Story Grid certified editors on our team to give feedback on your plan and first writing. This will make the rest of your writing process MUCH easier.

1 Year to Publish Mastermind Group

Get all the support you need to write and publish your book in the next year! In our One Year to Publish mastermind group you’ll get the extensive support, encouragement, and accountability to make your passion a reality. Here’s what’s included:

  • Exclusive monthly mastermind calls with Joe Bunting, your “One Year to Publish” community, and special guests, including agents, editors, and bestselling authors

  • Two semesters of 100 Day Book to write the first and second drafts of your book

  • Prominent placement of your published book on the Write Practice website, as well as promotion to the Write Practice community of writers

  • Optional professional editing on your first 5,000 words and a Story Grid Diagnostic editing package to prepare you for your second draft

  • Limited to 12 participants

This program works.

Hundreds of writers have finished their books in this program. We’d love to help you do that too. If you’re ready to stop trying to write your book and actually FINISH your book, sign up below.

What Our Students Are Saying

A proven track record of writers finishing their books.

Kevin Garcia

“This program gave me the tools I needed to create a plan, execute in a timely manner, and accomplish my goal of writing my first draft of my book. Without the planning on the front end, the accountability of Joe’s coaching and my writing community, this would never have been possible.”

Kellie McGann

“The most effective part of the class for me was the accountability and community. Having other people to take that journey with me was a substantial force behind my success.”

Brian Rella

“I wouldn’t be a published author without Joe Bunting. Not only did he teach me how to take an idea and turn it into a story, he showed me how to collaborate with other authors to make my writing the best it could be, which gave me the courage to share it with the world.”
Watch Intro Video


Watch Intro Video



Enrollment for the spring semester ends in:

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Ready to write your book?

We’ve tried to make this as affordable as possible. Get started today!

  • Basic Payment Plan

    Get the Basic Package for just $49/mo for 12 months

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    Basic Pay in Full

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  • When do the 100 days begin?

    We run three 100 Day courses a year. The spring session starts in February, the summer in May, and the fall in September. However, as soon as you sign up, we’ll guide you through the preparation process, helping you hone your idea and create your book plan.

  • I have a book in progress. Is this course open only to people who are starting from scratch?

    If you’re in the middle of a book—or even rewriting a previously finished draft—that’s great! You are the perfect person to join this program and get the focus and accountability you need to finish.

  • I have a finished draft of my book and need to edit it. Will this course help me?

    Yes! We’ve designed 100 Day Book: Draft 2/Editing Track specifically for writers who are editing their books. You’ll get all the lessons, structure, and accountability of the original 100 Day Book course, plus exclusive content focused on the editing process.

  • What if I write nonfiction?

    This challenge is available to both fiction AND nonfiction writers. We’ve helped thousands of authors of both fiction and nonfiction finish their books. We would love to help you too!

  • What if don't live in the United States?

    This course is open to all authors and aspiring authors, whether in the United States, Europe, Australia, India, or elsewhere. If you want to write a book, this course is for you.

  • When do the payments end?

    We’ve tried to make this program affordable by breaking up the full price of the program ($588) into 12 payments that you pay once a month over 12 months. You can also choose to save 20 percent by paying for the program in full. See the pricing section above for details.

  • The program is 100 days, but why are the payments are 12 months?

    This program begins with 100 days—a 100-day race to finish the first draft of your book—but at the end of those 100 days, your book won’t be ready for publication. You’ll still need to edit (or fine-tune if you've completed the Editing Track) your book and prepare it for publication. That’s where The Write Practice Pro, our workshopping community, comes in. In Pro, you can continue to get feedback on your manuscript for up to a year.

  • When do I get my $100 back if I finish my book on time?

    Participants will get $100 back if they complete their book in 100 days and get less than three strikes. The payments will be sent out about a month after the end of the 100 days, or after 5 payments have been completed.